• New Face New Body is awesome! It is my favorite place to go. I have been a client for five years, and every one of their services is amazing. Not to mention the fabulous staff that makes you feel like royalty! The laser face lifting has me looking 10 years younger and wrinkle-free. This is the only place I have had the laser hair removal that actually works, too. The spa products they sell are also the best I have ever used, including extremely expensive department store brands. I cannot say enough wonderful things about New Face New Body. Simply the best place around, and completely affordable, too.

    Karin Lamothe
  • OUTSTANDING RESULTS!!! Today, I tried the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser. It gives skin youthfulness by stimulating collagen in the skin. It gives the effect of a face lift without surgery. I look easily 10 years younger. My best friend made an appointment for tomorrow. I started going there for waxing until I discovered their laser hair removal. I LOVE IT. Full body so I'll never have to shave again. It's wonderful. My boyfriend can't keep his hands off my smooth skin. And I spend half the time in the shower. I'll never need to buy a razor again.

    Kitty O'Toole
  • The best decision I ever made! Great service and great prices. I go to New Face New Body at least once a month, and I love it. The facials are the absolute best and their prices are so low. The women that work there are so great and they remember all the little things, when you come back (how's your mom? Is your child still sick?). I really recommend for everyone to try them at least once. I guarantee you will not want to go anywhere else. The service is just that great!

  • Their laser hair removal is the best! I work at a salon and my co-workers started telling me where they go to get their waxing done. (It can be uncomfortable having a co-worker give u a Brazilian.) I am hooked on New Face and tell all of my friends. I decided to try the laser hair removal on my underarms and Brazilian. I am soooo happy I did. After only four treatments, the results are amazing!! Everyone is always so friendly and make me feel so comfortable. I seriously recommend New Face and laser hair removal to everyone.

    Margaret R.
  • LOVE MY LASER TREATMENT I couldn't be more pleased. This has been my go to waxing salon for the past 10 YEARS. Last winter I decided after years of waxing I was going to have laser hair removal done. Let me just say that this summer has been wonderful. My bikini area was hair free! No ugly razor bumps, no "Oh my gosh I've got to get in for a waxing today." I'm so pleased that I started my laser removal in September. If you need any kind of waxing you really should go see them. Each of the ladies are wonderful, quick, efficient, professional and CLEAN. While the waxing is fab, Laser is where it's at. Seriously, this is the one area where I'm glad I spent my money. Worth every penny!

    Miss Bling
  • So I first visited New Face New Body about 5 years ago or so when they first opened. There I met Beth, the owner and her daughters, who help her run the spa. Everyone is certified and licensed. What would I do if I couldn't get a bikini wax or Brazilian wax from NFNB?! It makes your feel feminine and pretty! So, this isn't some uber-fancypants-let-me-bring-you-champagne-while-you-wait place. This spa offers: bikini wax, Brazilian wax, leg wax, underarm/arm wax, facial treatments, facials, massage, upper lip wax, chin wax, cheek wax, full face wax and laser hair removal. I have frequented NFNB on and off for years. Ladies, you know you turn to the ol' handy razor or Nair when it's lazy time, and I am no different.. that's exactly what I did when I got lazy. But when it comes to pampering you lady bits, New Face New Body is the place to go.

    Summer S.
  • New Face New Body in Canton is fantastic for Brazilian laser treatments. With summer time here, I don't have to worry about anything. They do a great job and the cost is really reasonable too.

    Marybeth N.
  • Best Brazilian in Metro D! I've been to about 5 different places all around town. But I have recently moved back to the area from Cali and haven't been able to find a place that is priced reasonable and does a decent job. New Face New Body is the best place and worth a little drive!

    Kate D.